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M.S.F.X. STUDIO has been giving assisted correspondence course in Special Makeup Effects since 2000. 

M.S.F.X. STUDIO is not a school. It is a studio for design, special makeup, creatures and props.



Briefly, how do the M.S.F.X. STUDIO correspondence courses work?

  • All M.S.F.X. STUDIO courses are assisted correspondence courses, which means that beginners and students with the basic background can follow hourly sessions at their own pace and wherever they choose. They will have access to the resource people at M.S.F.X. STUDIO, which is not a school but a design and creation studio.
  • The M.S.F.X. STUDIO  courses are outlined in illustrated handbooks with many coloured photos and drawings (BASIC 2 includes 3 DVDs) and step by step clear and detailed descriptions for every technique. There is no set timetable for the courses, nor is there a set time for starting a course – you start when you feel like it.
  • I suggest that students take photos of their creations and email them to me for critical analysis. We provide assistance and advice throughout the learning process. I will be happy to help any student who has questions or is finding it hard; we can set a time to do it by phone, by email or one on one.
  • Students who have uploaded photos of their creations on the Internet and passed all steps of the course will receive a certificate for each course they complete. With support from us, as needed, students can create their own portfolios from the photos they take during each step of a course.
  • Students may also be hired on contract or as staff at M.S.F.X. STUDIO after completing the courses.  Internships may also be available, depending on the work done and the courses chosen. See below for more information.

Who needs the M.S.F.X. STUDIO assisted correspondence courses?

These courses have been designed for beginners and people with intermediate experience who want to master the techniques of special effects makeup and/or modeling for film, TV, etc. You can also take these courses purely for your own enjoyment – at home and at your own speed!

How many courses are available?

M.S.F.X. STUDIO offers 3 different BASIC courses, each one featuring several different techniques.  BASIC 1  (special makeup without prosthetics) and BASIC 2 (molding and casting, including 3 DVDs) are currently available. 

BASIC 3  (sculptures, prosthetics and application), will be released later.

You can also buy the whole range of BASIC 1 products.

When do the M.S.F.X. STUDIO correspondence courses start?

The courses start when you want them to, since they work by correspondence, not with a teacher in a classroom.

How long are the M.S.F.X. STUDIO courses?

You will be studying at your own pace, based on your own time, so there is no set time for when they end

Students are in constant contact with the professor for any questions they may have or for presenting their work, even after several years have gone by.

How do I register and pay for the courses and products?

You can buy one or more courses at my studio in Montreal, Canada, by making an appointment; if you are unable to come in person, it can be done by mail.

Make a single payment by bank transfer, money order, certified cheque or Paypal to the order of M.S.F.X. STUDIOAlso available, cash payment, in person on site.

If you want us to mail you a course, please make an email request with your full adress, so we can let you know the shipping costs.

For shipping abroad, we will email you everything you need to know about the bank transfer and the total amount due in your currency. Once we have received your payment we will send you an email to confirm receipt and also confirm that the parcel has been sent.

I don’t live in Canada: can I still sign up for courses?

Yes, since these are assisted correspondence courses, we can send them anywhere in the world. 

If you get mail delivery, you can get our M.S.F.X. STUDIO courses!

Right now we have M.S.F.X. STUDIO students in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and even Japan !

How much do the courses and products cost?

  • BASE 1 costs $440.00 CAN* (plus taxes, shipping and handling if applicable).  Comes with no products.
  • BASE 2 costs $650.00 CAN* (plus taxes, shipping and handling if applicable).  Comes with no products.
  • M.S.F.X. STUDIO will soon be able to accept online payments through its online shop.

*Price change without notice.

M.S.F.X. STUDIO is also creating a database of names of people who have taken one or more Special Makeup Effects courses, which could lead to work in the field, either at the M.S.F.X. STUDIO office or on a movie set. I sometimes delegate contracts to students who have shown talent and great skill. We try to refer students from outside Quebec to studios near them so they can look for work in their own locations.